Soulfire Stories Show
Shiloh Sophia

This painting is a part of a new show for Shiloh Sophia, her first show in over 5 years - Soulfire Stories. Born to Glow is 1 of 33 numbered paintings in Shiloh Sophia's slow-reveal show, featuring over ten years of paintings, many of which were painted as a class demonstration and are now being 'reclaimed' and for sale for the first time. They will be revealed over the rest of 2017 - each one has a unique writing that from the 'voice' of the painting, part of Shiloh's unique approach to Intentional Creativity - where she listens to the story of the painting and writes down what it has to say.

If you have ever wanted to own a Shiloh Sophia original, special pricing and payment plans are available. Shiloh's mom Caron McCloud says this: "These paintings are a truly special body of work - because these paintings have served thousands of women since my daughter painted them to teach others, they are not just teaching paintings, but hold the stories of those she painted them with and for."

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