Rachel's Bag - In Search of the Qabalah of Our Mothers
by Caron McCloud

Cover Art, Illustrations, and Introduction by  Shiloh McCloud

Rachel's Bag begins with the story of the biblical Rachel and takes us on a mystical journey in search of the Qabalah of our mothers. As we sojourn, we are invited to contemplate the controversial contents of the camel bags Rachel packed when she left her homeland, and to question as did she: What would we risk our lives to preserve?

Ten stories of women in the Bible, who were instrumental in shaping history, are illuminated to show they were in possession of a vision informed by that wisdom now called Qabalah. These stories, from the perspective of poet, scholar, and mystic Caron McCloud, call us to a vision capable of shaping and sustaining our own history in these difficult times. McCloud brings a rare offering to the altar of the wisdom books. People of all traditions in search of their own ancestral legends and personal truths will benefit from this work.

This caravan is about to depart. Will you join us?



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