Illuminations Art Prints by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

8.5 X 11 Paper Icons - Sixteen Categories - Six images in Each -
Comes in plastic sleeve, paperboard backing and a blessing from the Artist!

About Illuminations

Art Illuminations are paper icons. Each one causes the viewer to look deeper within themselves. Many people have said they are like the holy card that used to be given and exchanged as a sign of shared faith and to memorialize certain rites of passage. Illuminations serve as visual cues, reminding us of the specific visions and intentions we are holding for our lives.

Each Illumination is an 8.5 x 11in full-color print of Shiloh Sophia's original artwork paired with original prose and poetry. Every piece comes packaged in a protective sleeve with a hard-board insert and a letter from the artist. While they are much larger than a greeting card, they can serve as both a card and gift in one. The size is perfect for standard framing but many people keep them on a dresser, desk, altar, dashboard, or even their purse!


Note from Shiloh:
“A woman I had never met, upon meeting me at a workshop I was teaching, pulled an Illumination out of her purse that she had been carrying for a few years! It was dog-eared and well worn and loved up. She said she takes it with her everywhere. It made me so happy to see it “used” in this way! Another woman told me that she had used an Illumination as a birthing image when she was in labour! Then she bought more for her pregnant friends. I have heard of women trading them and exchanging them like trading cards! Another woman sent one a week for a month to a struggling young woman to let her know that she was thought about and cared for. I Love this!”

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             Angels                     Community                 Dancers                       Divas                          Family

Angel Illuminations  


            Friendship                     Lovers                     Madonnas                   Mamas               Medicine Women


                Mystic                      Our Lady                   Storyteller                  Tree of Life                   Visionary


Flaming Heart Illuminations

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