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On a Wing and a Dream - Musings on the Wild and Illusive Pursuit of Fulfillment by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

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100 Pages - Includes at least 20 Illustrations

For those of you who have been wanting to share Shiloh's work with your friends and family, this is it! This collection of writing includes a sampling of Shiloh's writings from her personal journals, published books, blog and newsletters.

To see a sneek peak at the table of contents, scroll down!

NOTE FROM SHILOH: I am notorious for being an imperfectionist, and this book is no exception. I put it together in one day, in a frenzy of self honor and a desire to create no matter what. You can only make a book in a day if you have done a lot of writing and know where to find it. My mother would have liked very much to edit it first.
So, the first hundred copies will stand, AS IS, unedited. Those will be signed and numbered.

This book is an invitation to dream.
To consider new possibilities for your life.
To ponder and pray and seek your purpose.
You are invited to take up creativity as a practice.
You are called to be unreasonable in pursuit of your dreams!

Everyone has a dream to live. We are all here on special
assignment to fulfill our purpose, even if we don’t know
what that is yet. We don’t have to get it right, get it done
or even feel like we are our own super hero. But we do
have to choose. Choose that we are indeed on a path,
to which we can say yes or no. If we say no, we miss
the incredible opportunity to live our own dream.

Fullfillment is possible, and it is not about being
perfect or getting rid of our baggage first.
Fulfillment is about living within intention.
The wild and illusive pursuit of fulfillment
is the destination. Are you ready? Say YES!

Shiloh Sophia McCloud shares her visionary
wisdom through a collection of her writings,
poetry and illustrations. She asks the reader to
consider their own dreams and creative visions,
and to take action on them!

This encouraging offering is sure to inspire!
Shiloh, often called the "art doctor" has been a full time artist and
entrepreneur for over ten years. Her work is dedicated to

bringing the work of visioning and creativity into women’s lives.
She is the founder of Cosmic Cowgirls Ink, LLC, a woman and girl
owned publishing company based in Northern California.

Sneak Peak at the Table of Contents

Everyone Has A  Dream To LIve
Introduction: Dear Reader

Finding Wings
Delivering on a Dream
La Puerta
The Path Forgers
The Dancing Lady
The Courage to Love
Seen and Heard
Clearing The Way
Questions to Dream On
To Be Wonderful
Intentional Creativity
Healing Our Reactivity
Freedom in Discipline
Ingredients for a Creative Practice
Set an Intention
Design A Creative Practice
 Making A Change
Revolutionary Blood
A People Who Believe
She Danced
Her Possibilities
Oh Holy Lady - Prayer


Here is a sampling:

Delivering On A Dream

Everyone has a dream to live. We are all here on special assignment even if we don’t know what it is yet. We can, and indeed we should, spend our lives in pursuit of that dream, which is in essence, our purpose for being alive.  Having a dream can inspire our visions for our life, what we do and who we are and what is possible!
If you KNEW that there was something you were here to create, which is unique to you and you only – how dedicated might you be to pursuing the acquisition of that something? Would you put other things aside, while you considered it, sought it out? I think so.  The biggest step is the first one: admitting we want to align with a dream.
Perhaps it all starts
with acknowledging there is a dream to be had.
Sometimes a dream is like a voice calling out of darkness. When we hear that call, the impulse to run towards it and run away from it, are equally startling experiences.
There are “dreams come true” made of the miraculous stuff of heaven that we know not from whence they came or why—other than it was something we longed after, and the belief that miracles do indeed travel this way. Then there are the “dreams come true” that materialize, in part as a result of our efforts. The sort of  “delivering” on a dream that takes you by the scruff of your neck and like a mighty wind carries you—often ruthlessly, though sometimes joyfully—towards hidden destinations. 

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