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eBook Version - Heart of the Visionary

A Workbook to Empower Women's Work

Author Shiloh Sophia McCloud

With Contributors:
Mary MacDonald, elizaBeth Benson, Caron McCloud and Shannon McCloud
and contributing authors SARK, Nancy Ballard, Jean Shinoda Boden, Alisa Franzne-Davis, Dori Etter, Kelly Takunda Orphan Martinez, Jenett Miller, Marilyn Nyborg, Caterina Rando, Gennifer Mountain, Nikiah Seeds, Sherri Morris, Julie Lampros-Trad, Ama Zenya and Alice Walker.

Illustrations by Shiloh McCloud and Sue Hoya Sellars

375 Pages with Illustrations. - Permission to Print One Copy Only


Is this book for me?

This book is for:

Women Who
are starting a new business
are thinking about starting and want to explore
visionaries who want to take their project to the next level
are creating projects that need to be run like mini-businesses
are going to college and want to treat their career like a business now
are thinking of leaving a corporate job
are in a corporate job and want to create a side business
are interested in turning ideas into income
want to improve their existing business
have been in business for a while and are ready to go to the next level
have a side business they know could be more profitable
need to create a business plan and want to create a business with heart!
desire to create a life work in alignment with their values
want to SEE what a business looks like on paper before beginning
want to quit their day job, but can’t yet
would like to create a vital life work
have always known there was a ‘greater work’ for them.
are rebellious and wild woman who cannot bear a traditional model.

Are you a woman with an idea and a desire to make it happen?

Then this book is for you.


From the book...

This Work of Women by Shiloh McCloud

This work of women
Yes. It is time for a revolution of women and path,
women and money, women and business, women and art,
women and marketplace.
We do not choose to give away
our works for nothing.
We are not starving or frivolous artists.
We are creators whose creations
save lives, heal the world, heal wounds.
This work of women, priestesses and practitioners of every
Your work is vital. Essential. Needed. This work
of women must include creating livelihood. This is
not easy, quick, fun nor likely. This is not accepted
or encouraged. But this is what we must do:
Create and abundance revolution
We must create our own path.
We must create our own money.
We must create art.
We must create our own marketplace.
We must be compensated.
We are creating our own mystical cosmic luminous
Overflowing BANK.
A bank that does not cause,
contribute or condone
the suffering of others for profit.
A women’s bank. Believe it. Create it.
Deposit into it. Draw from it.
Invite other women into it.
Enter the income stream in your little
golden boat and dream
and work and pray and play
and do not stop. Keep going.
It will almost always seem impossible.
But we will make miracles.
Miracle are organizing themselves around our dreams
our work, our visions,
right now.
Let us go out, armed with what matters
and the prayers of our grandmothers,

By Shiloh Sophia McCloud, 2008 Heart of the Visionary



From the Introduction By Shiloh McCloud...

Welcome to the Journey What is this Journal About? Welcome!  To this magnificent journey of  awakening  and acting on  your life path!   Welcome to your own personal project  sanctuary!  This book is here to support you in  working on and in your visions! Your dreams!  Manifesting your ideas! Taking action on your  behalf! Being unreasonable about your plans for  your life. Trusting that YOU have a purpose for  being here on this planet, and it might just be  fulfilled through your own business!  No one disputes the fact that a clearly defined  plan will help it become real. Writing down a  plan is like putting all of your ideas into an  energetic garden so it can be growing all the  time. It HOLDs the concepts together and makes  them closer to reality. The women authors in this book have made and  fulfilled on some amazing plans in their lives –  and so they have been generous with sharing  their wisdom with you! (elaborate) Each time I have looked at a traditional business  plan I have gotten really excited. And frustrated. Excited about the possibility of getting that clear and  organized. And of having something to SHOW others – see what I am doing!? I am playing with  the big kids now! But a few pages into it I start to get confused and I cannot understand or  appreciate the language.  And somehow after all these years (10) of business I have not managed  to get create a ‘traditional plan’ – but I am still working on it and that is a part of the creation of  this book. Yes, I have created an extensive VISION Plan that includes MANY of the concepts within  a traditional plan. AND Yes, A clearly defined plan of action. Yes strategy and so much more. But  the approach of the traditional plan did not fit my market, my ideas, my language, my visionary  heart. It did not include things like passion, and like the purpose of the person who conceived  the idea. Why that person had to do this business in the first place. And so, this book is a part of  creating a plan that is towards a feminine business paradigm. I wanted to work with other women create a plan that organizes our kind of thoughts. A plan  that stands for values that we personally cherish. That looks at impact and footprint. That uses  language that I can understand, and my friends and family. Something that makes sense to me. I  want a plan that is visionary. That has heart and care and giving and compassion built into the  structure – the actual form is built around life giving principles – and profit. Just because we  want to do something good and humanitarian, does not mean we don’t want to make profit.  AND just because we don’t have start up money does not mean we cannot make it go. Recently I have worked with many coaches, execs and investors who were real excited at first,  but then after a bit, even though they loved the idea – they could not make a go of it when I did  not have funding. I want a vision plan that works at the stage when there is no money. Just ideas.  I want a plan that will show the power of the vision to create abundance like a hidden spring.


More From the book...

The Feminine Business Paradigm Why We Designed This Workbook For Women  We wanted to create a A Visionary Business Plan designed with life affirming principles. A very small percentage of women artists have their art in museums today. Within the Female  Business Paradigm, women’s art must be identified by the word ‘women’ in order to define the  work, and to define an arena in which we are free to explore our work without competing in a  male dominated market, but create a different arena altogether. Why the Feminine Business Paradigm? The Feminine Business Paradigm is being defined as a lens through which to view our work as  women in the business world. A way of being, seeing, and working in alignment with who we are  as women. Our work is to create an arena in which women have access to business tools that are  designed for the way we want to work as visionary women. We utilize the wisdom of the existing  paradigm, transform aspects of it to meet our own ideals, and create a new business model in  alignment with our values. The Feminine Business Paradigm movement that we are introducing embraces and encourages  women to embody all aspects of the female life, from nurturer to warrior, from birth-giver to  athlete, from lover to leader, from homemaker to business woman. We believe that we can live a  vital life doing work that does not compromise who we are, and still make a living. This is not a  utopian ideal in which we just do what we love, and expect money to follow. Rather, it is the  introduction of a system and of tools we can use to transform what we love into a business with  a product or service that is needed and wanted by others at this time. Although our actions can be inspired by it, our  work is not in reaction to the existing  corporate model. We are creating a vision in  which all aspects of our work are in alignment  with the highest good for all, at all times. We  understand business as being not just a  destination, but a journey. Therefore we do not  put the rest of our lives on hold in order to  work in our business. The reason we feel inspired to define the  movement as feminine, is to draw a distinction  between the current paradigm and the one we  are creating. Women’s work does not need to be  in opposition to males in order to be pro  female. If we are being who we are destined to  be, this will serve all beings, and men will also  be blessed through our living empowering lives.   The word feminine, can also be used by men or  women, just like the word masculine. Two of the key elements to living this  movement is that we interpret success for  ourselves with a new set of definitions, we use a  life affirming process of inquiry and evaluation  about decision making and we Celebrate Our Wins every step of the journey!

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